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For 12+ years of experience in the industry of game art design, Humbara Games managed to collect a solid game design portfolio of various artworks made in 2D or 3D and other styles and directions.

We cover all stages of art production and deliver 2D and 3D game art solutions that match your vision.


Humbara Jam calls for game enthusaists! 

Humbara Game Studio has a proud tradition. It is called Humbara Jam.

We invite developers, artists, narative designers, graphic designers, game developers, ghouls, dwarves and elves to our Humbara Jam Discord channel.

PS: Humans are welcomed to as long as their weapon is sheated.

Contact Us

Message sent! Thanks! 

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Learn art design, game development, the art of fun time-spending, and get the latest info about our games, our HUMBARA JAM and ghoul chasing.


Our Discord is not just a fun place, but also a school for game enthusiasts!

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